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Fast Draw Gun Magnets available at ConcealedComfort.com
Fast Draw Magnets are Made in the United States of America

Hunting Rifles
In the Car
In the Home
Back Up Magazines At work

Fast Draw Magnets at ConcealedComfort.com
Quick Draw Gun Magnet
Fast Draw Gun Magnets from ConcealedComfort.com Fast Draw Gun Magnets available at ConcealedComfort.com

Fast Draw Gun Magnets available at ConcealedComfort.com
ConcealedComfort.com is pleased to bring you the
Fast Draw (TM)  Gun Magnet.

The Fast Draw  (TM) Gun Magnet is the original gun magnet storage and retrieval device developed by Tactical Concealment Products. Our gun magnet is the only one of its kind to come with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

The Fast Draw  (TM) Gun Magnet can hold  more than 10 lbs. of just about any weapon you may own. Works with most Handguns, Rifles, & Shotguns including Stainless Steel, Titanium and other alloy firearms. It will not harm your gun's finish. It comes ready to mount with two industrial strength body-molded attachment points for fast and secure installation.

The Fast Draw  (TM) Gun Magnet your Home, Office, Boat, Car, Truck, RV, Gun Safe, or anywhere you may have the need for the Fast retrieval of your firearm.  It is the ultimate in Fast Access and Concealment.

There is no other gun magnet that can compare with
The Fast Draw Gun Magnet.
Learn more about the engineering and science behind

The Fast Draw  (TM) Gun Magnet

Unparalleled attention to detail, and carefully calculated design elements, were incorporated into the engineering of the Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet.  While designing the Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet, its components were put through rigorous tests and subjected to enormous strain and stress far exceeding the intended use of this product.

Our Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnets are made with Neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are a member of the Rare Earth magnet family and are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world.  They are composed mainly of Neodymium(Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B).

Rare Earth magnets have a very high resistance to demagnetization. Unlike most other types of magnets, they will NOT lose their magnetization over time, around other magnets, or if they are dropped.

The  Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet casing is injection molded ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene). The material ABS, was chosen in the making of the Fast Draw Gun Magnet for its incredible strength, durability and longevity. It offers such advantages as being dent proof, rust proof and erosion proof. It is virtually indestructible, yet it will not harm your gun’s finish.

The dimensional footprint of the Fast Draw Gun Magnet was a carefully calculated design feature. After much research and testing, the body size of 2.75” X 1.5” was found to be the most accommodating, andFast Draw Gun Magnets available at ConcelaedComfor.comwould fit most areas that you may need to mount or hide your Fast Draw Gun Magnet.

 The depth size of .70” was also intentional. The Fast Draw Gun Magnet, because of it thicker depth, will accommodate larger guns with much larger sights. We also incorporated industrial strength molded mounting points into the body of the
casing to add even more strength. We do not use rivets that rust, or grommets that cause you magnet to wobble or become unstable. We  engineered a product specific, flush mount placement, push-locking system to keep our powerful magnet securely inside the casing.

"No other gun magnet manufacturer in the world has focused as much attention to detail and design of their product as we have here at Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnets."

If you've never owned a Fast Draw Gun Magnet before
you will be amazed at its incredible strength.

Lifetime Warranty:
You should have a lifetime of trouble free use and unparalleled satisfaction from your Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet.  In the unlikely event of this product failing to operate properly, you are protected for Life.
Your Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet is covered by a Full Lifetime Warranty  and will be replaced FREE of charge if it ever breaks  or loses its magnetic properties. No need to find the  receipt.  You only need to return the product and include shipping and handling fees. Tampering with the plastic casing, opening the casing, or removing the magnet form the casing, will void the warranty.

The Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnet is proudly made in the U.S.A.
Think about all the places you should have a Fast Draw Gun Magnet! -
Cars - House - RV - Your Business - Vacation Homes - Boat -  Tool Box -  Office and so many more!
 The list goes on and on!
Where will you put your first Fast Draw Magnet?
Remember Fast Draw (TM) Gun Magnets are

Fast Draw Magnets are Made in the United States of America
Fast Draw Gun Magnets available at ConcealedComfort.com

Buy ONE to THREE  Fast Draw Gun Magnets HERE
Buy BULK Quantiy and $AVE!

Fast Draw Gun Magnets make great gifts for any gun owner!


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