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Welcome to ConcealedComfort.com's "Other Stuff" page. 

As we travel gun shows and the internet we often find "other stuff" that we think is interesting and useful.  The "Other Stuff" page is your direct connect to these items and unlike typical link pages, you'll be making purchases directly from a company you can trust ...  ConcealedComfort.com . 

We personally use and have tested the products or services you will discover  on our "OtherStuff" pages.  We hope you find them as appealing as we have.

Click on the image to take you to the web page that will tell you more!

Life Jacket Gun LocksLife Jacket Gun Safety Systems Hybrid Solar Flashlights

Hybrid Solar Lite
 Gun MagnetsFast Draw Gun Magnet at ConcealedComfort.com 
2nd Edition
Travelers Gun and Knife Law Book David Wong
Your First Gun by Alan Korwin available at ConcealedComfort.com
  ! AFTER YOU SHOOT by Alan Korwin
saf-t-trainer practice ammo at ConcealedComfort.com

Cell Pal Holster for J-Frame and small semi-automatic
TRAVELER'S  Gun Law Guide for all Fifty States - most recent edition -
Traveler's Gun Law Guide to Fifty States
 by Mack's

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