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SAF-T-Trainers (TM)

Saf-T-Trainer Ammo at
Saf-T-Trainers (TM)
Saf-T-Trainers are inert training cartridges developed for military and law enforcement use, when training or instructional activities require use of a dummy cartridge.

Manufactured from a durable synthetic material and colored "safety orange" for instant identification, Saf-T-Trainers provide safety by greatly reducing the risk of live ammunition and dummy cartridges from becoming mixed during training exercises.

An affordable replacement for traditional metallic dummy cartridges. Saf-T-Trainers will also cushion the firing pin when used as a snap cap.

Stop using live ammo
for your practice sessions!! 

Keeep it safe with Saf-T-Trainers!
For Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns.
Five Pack - 22 cal to 40 cal
Five Pack - 45 cal to 12GA

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