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Your First Gun by Alan Korwin

Your First Gun
Should you buy one and join
60 million safely armed American homes?

Are you... GUNLESS?
Is that safe?

The perfect book for first-time gun owners --


The perfect gift for gun owners to keep handy for their gunless friends!
"The common-sense book that helps people understand gun ownership."

This easy-reading Q&A guide answers the questions,
helps you with the tough decisions,
walks you through the maze of tech talk, doubts and fears,
so you can make an informed choice.

Help convince yourself, your spouse and others that becoming armed
is a safe, prudent, wise choice for an adult in American society.
Just like 100 million other citizens, affluent and working class alike.

Available now at
Your First Gun by Alan Korwin

Women, read this.

If you suffer a break-in at home, can you protect yourself or your family? Would you be forced to dial 911... and wait? When seconds count, the police are just minutes away—that's why so many Americans have made a safe and prudent choice to keep at least one firearm at home. Maybe it's time for you to do that too. While you still can.

Despite fear mongering in the "news" media, tens of millions of people keep and bear arms and always have. It's a fun, practical and safe sport and tradition. It's true. Find out why!

In plain English and without the macho mumbo jumbo, Your First Gun moves past the scare stories and myths, and in simple Q&A format answers the key questions non-gun owners wonder about, that so many gun owners, wealthy and working class alike, take for granted.

Get this book for friends and relatives who fear guns to help them move past their worries.

Help people at least understand why so many good, decent, honest folks keep guns for all the right reasons.

The media hides these truths from the public—you can actually help change the public debate and improve the safety of American society by putting this rational common-sense information in the hands of people you know and love.

Do you want to DO something to protect your rights?
This is it.

Available now at

Your First Gun - Alan Korwin

Why do you even want a gun?

Where would you put the thing?

What good is it if you have to keep it locked up?

What's the point if a criminal has a gun pointed at you?

Where should you get what kind of gun, and what are the right ones for you?

How do you make all the decisions, and what do you do about all the conflicting advice?

Does a gun really make you safer?

Why is the NRA so polarizing?

How much ammo should you buy?

What does "buying off paper" mean?

This gives you the intellectual ammunition you need to make a smart choice,
and if you decide to bear arms, how to do so responsibly and with finesse
so you don't look like some rube with no clue.
Decades of wisdom boiled down to an easy and enlightening read.

Order your copy NOW!

Your First Gun by Alan Korwin
Paperback, 8-3/8 x 5-3/8, 128 pgs. ISBN: 978-1-889632-33-9, $9.95 retail

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